Design Samples

Fiber and  Fire 

A Gallery of Wearable Fiber Art

Sewing has been a part of my life since I was a child.  Successful sewing includes the ability to "see" how fabric and design complement one another.

Using, color, texture and design, I create my own fabric.  A water soluble stabilizer allows me to create a fabric which has an airy, ethereal look.  I can create unique patterns and designs using a variety of fibers.

The process is simple, yet time consuming.  I lay the desired fibers on a water soluble stabilizer, and then sew the design in place using my sewing machine.  After the fabric is used in garment construction, I hand wash it.  The water soluble stabilizer dissolves, leaving only the fiber design and stitching.  Every fabric is unique.  I make only one of a kind pieces.  Custom work is a staple of my business.

Geometric, or "plaid"

Random, or "continuous squiggle"

Circular, or "whirlpool"

The Process

Kathy Fernandez - Owner


Step 1.  Choose fibers and create a design on water soluble stabilizer.

Step 2.  Sew the design in place.

Step 3.  Wash out the stabilizer.